We are proud to announce the following young men continuing their education and athletic careers.
Aidan Mills has accepted a scholarship to play for Kansas State University. Aidan was 1st AVCTL
Hon. All State (Eagle, Capital). Aidan finished the the season with 51 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 5 TFL, 2 FF and 1 INT.
Kade Remsberg has accepted a scholarship to play for the United States Air Force Academy.
Kade was 1st AVCTL, 1st All State (KFBCA) and HM All State (Eagle, Capital). Kade finished the season with 1292 yards rushing, a 7.4 AVG on 174 ATT and 11 TDs.
List of former Railers who have received scholarships:
Name Year School Name Year School
Nic Parga 2016 Sterling Jarett Wright 2006 Kansas State
Morgan Murphy 2016 Bethel Tim Klock 2005 Adams State
Sam Pierce 2014 Kansas Weselyn Garrett Clark 2005 Hutchinson CC
Derek Garnica 2013 Tabor Thadd Carson 2005 Butler CC
Jacob Wright 2013 Tabor Adam Welty 2005 University of Kansas
Jacob Bartel 2013 Carnegie Melon Josh Rogers 2005 Adams State
Levi Blaylock 2012 Baker U Jayden Everett 2004 Indiana State
Jarred Fromm 2012 Baker U Mark Koehn 2003 Northwestern
Josh Floerke 2011 Coffeyville CC Ted Sims 2001 Kansas State
Alex Dorrell 2011 Independence CC Avery Smith 2001 Bethel
Jacob McGuire 2011 Northwest Oklahoma State Preston Edwards 2001 Baker U
Miguel Johns 2010 Indiana State Russ Vanover 2000 Kansas State
Collins McDonald 2009 Waldorf College Brian Arrelano 1999 Washburn
Garrett Garcia 2009 Bethel Charles Small 1998 Tennessee
Nathan Murphy 2009 Bethel Nick Hohisiel 1998 Kansas State
Chris Smith 2009 Fort Hays U Chris Nuyes 1998 Bethel
Cory Schmidt 2009 Friends U Ryan Winsler 1997 Butler CC
Levi Minkevitch 2009 Bethel Jermy Portlock 1996 Butler CC
Evan Kaufman 2009 Air Force Tony Hein 1996 Baker U
Nathaniel Martens 2009 Chadron State Matt Jackson 1995 Bethel
Jordan Voelker 2008 Kansas State Keith Wallace 1993 Bethel
Jesse Jerde 2008 Friends U Eli Jantz 1992 Southwestern
Kyle Coffee 2007 Bethel Chris Jones 1992 Kansas
Dallas Smith 2007 Navy Matt Schuckman 1992 Vanderbilt
Branden Martens 2007 Chadron State Muadianvia Kazadi 1992 Tulsa
Jayson Cuba 2007 Kansas State

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  1. How do you sign up for 🏈



    1. You are going to contact the Newton Jr. Railers program. They will help you get signed up for the season in the Fall! Go Railers!



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